Door of Faith Choir is a choir that has to be EXPERIENCED.

Experience DOOR OF FAITH as they honor God.
2. Experience DOOR OF FAITH as they bring you into the presence of the Almighty.
3. Experience the expression on each face, as they glorify their Healer, their Provider, and their All In All.

Listen to the different voices and sounds, that HE has given each person and know it's all for His glory as they render their all, in praise to him.

The Anointed Voices of DOFM Choir reaches the heart of everyone who hears them. Our choir's job is of "Total Praise" unto the Lord.

When we sing to our Lord, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE, it's because he has done more than we can explain. When we sing and tell God YOU KEPT ME, it's because he has, he could have left us, but he had mercy and he saved us. When we sing about being BLESSED, it's because we are BLESSED. Every song that we sing is a TESTIMONY of what God has done, what he keep doing to and for us. This is why we Lift Up the Name of Jesus; we Magnify His Holy Name; WE LOVE THE LORD, HE'S BEEN SO GOOD.

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