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"Judah DOFM" was created from our own Music of Music, Rena Hayes & the DOOR OF FAITH Praisers.  "Let this praise and worship CD usher you into the presence of the Lord." 
(The music played on the website is from this CD)

It is available Online and in our Storehouse for a donation of $10.

 Hero Cd
"Hero" CD was created and produced from our own musician, Joshua Crump, featuring some of our very own talented Youth singers. 
It's available Online and in our Storehouse for a donation of $10.

  RENA HAYES: Yet Will I Praise Him
"Yet Will I Praise Him" is created by our very own Minister of Music, Rena Hayes.
It is available Online as well as in our Storehouse" 
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Awesome God        

The newest project 2012, "Awesome God" CD and DVD.    
You can purchase by visiting renahayesmusic.com or at the DOOR OF FAITH Christian Church.


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CD Series (6 part) $30 and DVDs are $10.
For more information or to order Cassette series and DVDs, please contact the church
248-335-4656x11 or email us at dooroffaith@comcast.net

"The DOOR OF FAITH Has been opened unto you.  Acts 14:27"
If you would like to send a donation only, click the "Donate" Button.  Thank You. 

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